University of Genoa

The University of Genoa (UNIGE) is a teaching and research institution, in which academics, students and administrative and technical staff participate in the exercise of the respective competences, functions and responsibilities. Specifically, the Department of Educational Sciences (Di.S.For.) is an interdisciplinary Department bringing together Anthropologists, Geographers, Linguists, Pedagogues, Philosophers, Psychologists and Sociologists. An extensive network of relationships with researchers from other universities and research centres, national and international, enriches the scientific community revolving around DiSFor. DiSFor participates both in EC Framework Programmes and in other important European and international research and cooperation programmes. Below we list some of the major teaching and research partnerships related to the topics of YOUNG_ADULLLT which were developed in recent years: (2013-2015) Erasmus Project COMMIT, coordinated by EUCEN, on lifelong learning and social responsibility of European Universities; (2010-2013) Grundtvig Project; (2010-2013) IDEAL (IDentifier, Evaluer et vALider: trasfert et adaptation d’un dispositif de validation des acquis formels et informels).

Key players

Mauro PalumboMauro Palumbo - Full Professor of Sociology and Methodology of social research at the Universityof Genoa, where he works since 1973. Vice Rector for LLL of the University of Genoa, he is also coordinator of the Ph.D. programme in Social Sciences. Since 1975 he published more than 160essays and books on themes such as methodology of social research, evaluation, local and regionalpolicies and planning, social inequalities and social mobility. He coordinated the research units of theUniversity of Genoa in about fifteen European projects in last twenty-five years (Leonardo, Grundtvig, Econtentplus, Equal).

Mauro Migliavacca, assistant professor in economic sociology at the University of Genoa. He teaches Social Policy and Economic Sociology. He is specialized on research on the specificity of the south European welfare state and the work condition of the young people, and the transformation of the work family system highlighting gender asymmetries inside the family.

Anna Siri - Economist, PhD in Evaluation of Educational Processes and Systems. She has many years of experience as a technical coordinator of the Simulation Centre at University of Genova. Currently, she is the head of research support unit at the Department of Mathematics. She has also more than 15 years of Higher Education administration experience as project manager. Anna Siri is a member of the UNESCO Chair on “Anthropology of health – Biosphere and Healing systems”, University of Genova, Italy.

Sebastiano BenassoSebastiano Benasso - Ph.D. in Sociology, is Research Fellow at Di.S.For. and consultant for Regione Liguria (labour market area) working on many social researches using both qualitative and quantitative methods. He’s specialized on the biographical transitions of young adults. He’s a member of the Observatory of Social Inequalities hosted at Di.S.For. He is a member of the editorial team of About Gender, International Journal of Gender Studies.

Sonia StartariSonia Startari - Sociology Ph.D., is Research fellow at Di.S.For. of University of Genoa. She worked in pilot projects on methods of assessment and certification of competences as well as on various projects for adult education and corporate training, evaluation projects of personal services, and evaluation of professional skills.

Anna CossettaAnna Cossetta – Ph.D. in Methodology of Human Sciences, Adjunct Professor in Sociology and Development Economics at the University of Genoa. Her research topics are related to gift, social economy, international cooperation, volunteering, social innovation, Web dynamics, Methodology with particular interest in Online Research. She is member of Scientific Committee of Digital Ethnography Center and Societing.