1st National Advisory Board Meeting in Italy

The first meeting of the Italian National Advisory Board was held on 10th April 2017

The Italian YOUNG_ADULLLT research team and the Italian NAB met in an online Skype meeting to discuss the general structure of the project. Starting from the Italian National Report on LLL Policies (WP 3) and focusing on the relation and integration between the 'fieldwork' Work Packages on quantitative, qualitative and skills supply and demand analysis (WPs 4 to 6), the NAB members made suggestions in terms of institutional representatives who might complement the interview sample of policy experts (WP 6).
Moreover, as Work Package 7 is currently developing the analytical framework, the heuristic table for the case studies analysis (WP 7) has been discussed and revised, completing the version that will be circulated for discussion among the WP7 core team, and subsequently among the entire Consortium.
The next Italian NAB meeting in the form of a seminar/workshop will take place in Milan and has been scheduled for mid-October 2017.

The following Italian research team members attended the meeting:

  • Prof. Mauro Palumbo
  • Dott. Sebastiano Benasso

The following Italian NAB members attended the meeting:

  • Prof. Maurizio Ambrosini – Professor of Sociology at the University of Milan (Department of Social and Political Sciences)
  • Prof. Anna Maria Ajello – President of the National Agency of Evaluation of the Italian School System and Professor of Psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome (Department of Psychology)
  • Prof. Carlo Barone – Professor of Sociology at the Observatoire Sociologique du Changement of Sciences Po of Paris
  • Prof. Fabio Massimo Lo Verde – Senior Lecturer of Sociology at the University of Palermo (Department of Educational Sciences)
  • Prof. Maddalena Colombo – Senior Lecturer of Sociology of Cultural Processes and Communication at the Catholic University of Milan (Department of Sociology)
  • Prof. Alessandro Rosina – Professor of Demography and Social Statistic at the at the Catholic University of Milan (Department of Economy)

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