Policy Briefs

In this section you can find the project's Policy Briefs on the empirical sub studies as well as on the national and European level identifying policy relevant findings within the research and offering recommendations.


Policy Brief on WP3 (PDF 0,4 MB)
The Policy Brief on Work Package 3 discusses initial results from cross-national analyses of lifelong learning (LLL) policies in Europe.

Policy Brief on WP4 (PDF 0,8 MB)

This policy brief presents preliminary findings related to context-specific living conditions of young adults at the regional level. In order to better inform policies, more effort is needed in developing richer context-based information at regional and local level. Identifying existing data gaps and improving the availability of territorial information for better-targeted policy are crucial steps to improve nation-state based data.

Policy Brief on WP5 (PDF 0,5 MB)

This Policy Brief suggests three policy implications regarding the relevance of the programmes for young adults, the design and evaluation of regional systems, and the participation of young adults in policy reviews.

Policy Brief on WP6 (PDF 0,5 MB)

This Policy Brief addresses the challenges experienced by regions when governing skills systems, and the consequences for young adults. Skills agendas are commonly drawn at the national level, but their enactment usually takes place at the regional and local level. The differences in educational and employment opportunities experienced across regions and varying socioeconomic contexts influence young adults' educational and labour experiences.

European Policy Brief (PDF 0,25 MB)

This policy brief puts forward main policy messages resulting from research and dissemination activities at local and regional level conducted in YOUNG_ADULLLT.