YOUNG_ADULLLT is designed as a mixed-method comparative study on Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom and focuses on LLL policies for young adults – particularly those in ‘vulnerable’ positions – with the aim to critically analyse current developments of LLL policies in Europe.

We aim to elucidate how these policies characterize the target groups of young adults and whether they account for the fact that young adults are a highly dynamic and heterogeneous target groups.

In order to do so, the project is set up as a comparative research that brings together quantitative and qualitative methods and modes of analysis including the viewpoints of different stakeholders.

The project will contribute new knowledge of the impact of LLL policies on young adults’ life courses, yielding insights on the conditions, strategies, and necessities for policies to become effective.

On the following pages you will get insight into the social context within which the project is placed, the objectives of the research, how the work is structured and divided between the partners and what impact may be achieved.