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This section contains press releases, newspaper articles, interviews with project partners and other publicity activities of the project.


Interview with Project Coordinator Marcelo Parreira do Amaral
The brochure "Successful in Europe – German researchers in social sciences, economics and humanities in Horizon2020" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research portrays researchers and research institutions that are coordinating Horizon2020 projects. In the interviews, the scientists share the experiences, challenges and rewards that come with leading a project of this scale through its lifetime. In the current issue, YOUNG_ADULLLT coordinator Marcelo Parreira do Amaral talks about his experiences with the application process.

Interview in German language (PDF, 0.2 MB)


Integration of young adults into the labour market – Portuguese Media coverage of the YOUNG_ADULLLT Project
The integration of young adults into the labour market is a topical and pressing theme across Europe and a hot topic in the news media. In an interview to the Portuguese news agency (LUSA), the YOUNG_ADULLLT team in Porto emphasized the relevance of the project's attempt to identify well-suited Life Long Learning (LLL) policies at both local and regional levels with which the integration of young people in the world of work can be optimized. Tiago Neves, leader of the Porto team, underlined the importance of taking seriously the young adults' perspective as their individual life projects are affected by and affect LLL policies. "The compatibility of policies and life projects", as he points out, "is essential to get young adults into the labour market." More articles will follow regarding first results of the project.
These articles were published in TechITT, an information site focused on technical news, as well as on two more general information sites P3 and Noticias ao Minuto. The articles can be found under the following links:

P3 - Projecto europeu estuda integração de jovens no mercado de trabalho

TechITT - Projeto europeu estuda integração de jovens adultos no mercado de trabalho

Noticias ao Minuto - Projeto europeu estuda integração de jovens no mercado de trabalho 

Press release - published after the start of the project

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Project flyer

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