Joint European Policy Roundtable of YOUNG_ADULLLT and ENLIVEN Project to be held in Brussels on June 13, 2018

The European Policy Roundtable aims at disseminating first findings from the YOUNG_ADULLLT and ENLIVEN projects and at discussing key emerging topics with stakeholders and decision-makers at European level.

It will address two main questions:

• What kind of LLL/adult education policies are available to young adults across Europe, especially to those in vulnerable positions?

• What can be said about the participation of young adults in those policies?

In terms of the first question, we would like to discuss with policy-makers the main findings
from YOUNG_ADULLLT regarding the mapping, review and analysis of LLL policies and, from
ENLIVEN, regarding overviews of available education and training provisions for young vulnerable adults.
In terms of the second question, we aim at discussing research-based insights on the participation of young adults in the LLL policies that concern them directly, questioning their fit to the targeted groups.
The addressees of the European Policy Roundtable are stakeholders and decision-makers
at European level in the fields of youth policy, LLL and adult education.
The Roundtable will be held on June 13, 2018 from 14:00-17:00 (CET) in the premises of the State Representation of the North-Rhine Westphalia: Rue Montoyer, 47, 1000 Brussels. The Roundtable takes place in room Macke-Ernst (ground floor).


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