Policy Mapping - Policy Profiles across all YOUNG_ADULLLT Functional Regions Now Online

In YOUNG_ADULLLT, Lifelong Learning policies were examined as part of the WP3 National Reports on LLL Policies and WP3 International Report on LLL Policies, which collected relevant data on LLL policies across the participating countries. These analyses offered insights on the various dimensions of the relationships of lifelong learning policies for young adults. Based on a document and content analysis it provided a set of indicators, which have been applied to scrutinize the complex modes of practices of the LLL policies, especially assessing their specific orientations and objectives, underlying success criteria, as well as issues of (mutual) compatibility and integration with other social policies at local level.
As part of a sub-study in the YOUNG_ADULLLT project, selected policies across all Functional Regions were thoroughly mapped and reviewed. From the numerous policies identified, three in each FR have been further analysed and documented in form of Policy Profiles (N=54). They can be accessed now on the YOUNG_ADULLLT webpage Policy Mapping on this homepage. The selected policies included can be accessed by clicking on the different Functional Regions highlighted on the map provided and offer an overview of the wide range of LLL policies catering to young people in vulnerable positions across Europe.

We invite you to discover the various forms of LLL Policies in the nine countries across Europe!

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