Work Package 5

Qualitative Research with Young Adults

The overall objective of WP 5 is to analyse young adults’ perceptions of social expectations underlying policies and initiatives, of the complementarity between policies, local contexts and living conditions and individual life projects and styles as well as on young adult’s competences acquired in non-formal and informal contexts and their perception of needs and potentials thereof. Second, experts from policy, employment and training/providers (N=100) are interviewed in order to assess the interaction of LLL policies, young people’s living conditions and country or region specific contexts (for instance migration/mobility).

Analysing the perspectives of two groups, young adults and experts, reveals which aspects are fostering them and which are hindering growth and social inclusion; first how young adults perceive lifelong learning policies implemented in their region, and second the experts view of these policies to the social inclusion of young adults.

In short, the project carries out qualitative research through in-depth interviews with young adults and experts from policy, employment and training/providers. This provides an understanding of policies’ fit and potentials and fosters insights on individual expectations, conditions, strategies and necessities in relation to education and policies to become effective, by means of which uncover possible hidden resources for LLL policies.