Work Package 8

Comparative Analysis and Reporting

The primary objective of WP 8 is to draw together the empirical results from previous WPs and conduct a comparative cross case and cross-national analysis. The aim is to contribute with new scientific knowledge of the impact of LLL policies on young adults’ life courses, particularly for those that are more vulnerable. In addition, the analyses will contribute to a better understanding of the structural relationships, functional matching(s), and specific forms of embedding of LLL policies in the regional economy, the labour market and individual life projects of young adults. Furthermore, the project will contribute with a thorough regional review of policies and programmes in the countries studied, thus yielding new knowledge on regional and local policy-making (networks) related to LLL, with particular attention to actors, dynamics, trends, mismatches and overlaps. By this, the project analyses aim at identifying the necessary parameters for better coordinated policy-making and more effective delivery of LLL policies in European countries and regions. A further aim of WP 8 is to coordinate final reporting in terms of producing a Report geared to the relevant audiences – research, policy, and practice.