1st National Advisory Board Meeting in Bulgaria

The first meeting of the Bulgarian National Advisory Board (NAB) was held in Sofia on 17th March 2016.

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Coordination Workshop Barcelona

The leaders and different members of the Working Packages 3-7 met in Barcelona for a joint coordination Workshop (13th – 14th January 2017).

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Interview with Project Coordinator Marcelo Parreira do Amaral

The brochure "Successful in Europe – German researchers in social sciences, economics and humanities in Horizon2020" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research portrays researchers and research institutions that are coordinating Horizon2020 projects. In the interviews, the scientists share the experiences, challenges and rewards that come with leading a project of this scale through its lifetime. In the current issue, YOUNG_ADULLLT coordinator Marcelo Parreira do Amaral talks about his experiences with the application process (in German language).

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YOUNG_ADULLLT Newsletter No. 2, January 2017

The second Newsletter of YOUNG_ADULLLT has just been released with which we want to keep you informed about current events and outcomes of our project. Topics are the progress of the project in each Work Package and the project meetings during the last six months as well as next steps in the research process.

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Launch of Scottish YOUNG_ADULLLT website

The Scottish YOUNG_ADULLLT team of the University of Glasgow have launched a country-specific website for the project including information on the research team, LLL in Scotland (in particular the Functional Regions Glasgow and Aberdeen), the Scottish NAB as well as publication and dissemination activities

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YOUNG_ADULLLT Panel Discussion on EU Research Projects at WWU

In early December, the WWU Centre for Europe and the Service-Point ProEU (WWU) invited to a panel discussion on "EU funded research of the WWU – Retrospect and Outlook" with experts from policy and research, in particular those directly involved in EU-funded research projects.

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YOUNG_ADULLLT Second Consortium Meeting in Porto, Portugal

The Second Consortium Meeting of the project was held in Porto from November 23rd to 25th, 2016 under the motto "integrating the Work Packages" and sparked a lively discussion among the partners on how to lead the project into its second phase on data collection, treatment and analysis.

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1st National Advisory Board Meeting in Scotland

The first meeting of the Scottish National Advisory Board (NAB) was held at the School of Education of the University of Glasgow on 16th November 2016.

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Integration of young adults into the labour market – Portuguese Media coverage of the YOUNG_ADULLLT Project

The integration of young adults into the labour market is a topical and pressing theme across Europe and a hot topic in the news media. In an interview to the Portuguese news agency (LUSA), the YOUNG_ADULLLT team in Porto emphasized the relevance of the project's attempt to identify well-suited Life Long Learning (LLL) policies at both local and regional levels with which the integration of young people in the world of work can be optimized. Tiago Neves, leader of the Porto team, underlined the importance of taking seriously the young adults' perspective as their individual life projects are affected by and affect LLL policies. "The compatibility of policies and life projects", as he points out, "is essential to get young adults into the labour market." More articles will follow regarding first results of the project.

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WP3-Meeting: Exchanging on the LLL Policy Mapping, Review and Analysis Experience

The WP 3-Meeting for presenting and discussing first results of mapping LLL policies in the Functional Regions was held at the University of Münster from September 11th-12th, 2016.

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